Beauty Basics: How to Blend Your Eyeshadow with Video!

by Sunday, October 11, 2015

So when I first started dabbling in makeup one of the biggest issues I had and I am still having is learning how to blend my eyeshadow!  I am a makeup lover and enthusiast but figuring out eyeshadow  has truly been a thorn in my side!  I have just become more comfortable with blending and feeling confident that I have done a great job.  I am asked to do makeup for others but I am always hesitant because I am worried about eyeshadow blending.  I came across this amazing video done by makeup by Leyla.  The video is titled How to Blend Your Eyeshadow Like a Pro and I promise you she totally teaches in this video!  I saw and immediate improvement and as I remember to apply her tips the better I am getting! She touches on brushes how to hold them and were to look to figure out what they are all for I mean I used to pick up a fluffy or a c brush and use them for whatever!  She also talks about how to choose good blendable eyeshadow and so much more!   I hope you enjoy beauties!  Leyla this video rocks thanks for sharing your talents!




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